LED Intelligent PC control


There is only 1 item left in stock.
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There is only 1 item left in stock.

We are in the process of producing new items to show at upcoming convention. 

Sale prices are on a very limited quantity and extended to everyone for a simple check out.   

Please Note:" In stock" only reflects that we have the right amount of components to produce. 

Since everything is custom made to order, we are often low on interchangeable parts. 

Please contact directly for customs sizes or unique requests.

Our Magic Backdrop 30 second set-up system will be the perfect addition to your traveling entertainment needs. With our above industry standards, we continue to strive in excellence with the reputation that performers around the world have grown to appreciate and love. 

We are the direct manufacturer and produce any size custom install.

Our portable sizes are adjustable in height and angled width 

10' wide x 8' tall 

15' wide x 9' tall


Basic Intelligent is most often produced for the DJ market, LED patterns CAN NOT be customized. You are able to control several pre-installed patterns from the included SD card which can also be controlled through DMX similar to other DJ light fixtures. 

PC Intelligent is for those who would like to create there own pattern effects including TEXT. 

Please note that with text on our smaller portable backdrops may be hard to read esepcially up close, longer messages will scroll. 

For those who need to travel without PC, you may easily control up to 5 patterns on the go from the included SD card. This controller uses LAN to your PC.

Function such as brightness, speed, and which patterns to play can be directly controlled by either controller. 

2015 UPDATE:

In an ongoing effort to produce the best possible product, we now offer more LEDs consolidated in the center section of our backdrops to create a much more vivid effect.



Available in Black or White Flame Proof Fabric

Above photo shown with 3 backdrops

 Center: 15'x9' Intelligent LED Backdrop with optional red velvet side curtains. 

Stage Right: 10'x8 LED Star Twinkle Backdrop (White & Blue)

Stage Left: 10'x8' Star Twinkle Backdrop (All White)